Actions to Maintain America’s Middle-class

This blog is about the American middle class and it’s about capitalism. It is from the viewpoint of a system engineer and is about where the American political system problems are impacting the middle-class. This blog is not about creating jobs but creating a middle-class wage which in turn will expand the demand for products and services.

Several years ago when the political gridlock started to heat up we began looking at the American political system and the demise of the American middle class (and the American Dream) from the viewpoint of a system engineer. While many organizations including political parties, many unions and the Chamber of Commerce talk about restoring the middle-class none seem to acknowledge that the problem is not the current economic slowdown but the transition from a national to a global economy. All these organizations proposed solutions that have been used in the past and depend on the status quo.

Experience has shown that it is difficult for a system to change itself without outside influence. In the past citizens only approach in an elective government to influence change to their government policies was to replace their representative with one more favorable to their views.  

Our current capitalistic system is basically sound but is being used by many individuals and corporations for interest that are detrimental to the middle-class. Properly directed capitalism can work for those who want to exceed in any area and for those with other life goals.

It has taken hundreds of small changes over the past forty years to diminish America’s middle class it will take hundreds of small changes, hopefully in a shorter time frame, to restore and assure the continuation of the America middle-class.

With today’s social media and interconnectivity an individual or groups of individuals can work on a specific problem, propose a solution and present it (via petition) to their state or federal representative.

It is the primary goal of this blog to suggest areas where an individual or groups of individuals can take action to change the current political direction towards one of a stable strong middle-class. The blogs secondary goal is to suggest areas where new economic and political theories are needed to support the middle-class.


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