Posted by: Middleclass Search | March 16, 2017

History Repeating Itself

From 3100 BC to 332 BC the Egyptians civilization (kingdoms/Empire) out lasted invaders, internal strife and the usual ups and downs of a nation. This was because the nation was based on three precepts they were the role of the Pharaoh, the military and religion. The balance between the priest, the military and a strong Pharaoh kept the civilization going for 3000 years. When other nation’s would occupy the land (at least twice) they did not upset this balance until Alexander the Great introduced the Greek system who ruled Egypt like a business. Getting rid of the priesthood (from a business point of view they did not add any value. ) which had maintain the language for 3000 years replacing it with Greek language as the language of business and replacing the gods that had been worshiped for 3000 years.

Some would argue that similar actions are occurring today that American democracy is being replaced by the efficiency of business practices. It’s long been argued that the American government is not efficient but what has not been argued is that an efficient government is a dictatorship it’s the give-and-take of our political system, inefficient as it is, that makes it work for the majority of the people. Many of the new administration are billionaires who have made their fortunes’ in the business world where ethics and the art of the deal may or may not coincide.  Such systems have had a low survival rate in history. Starting out with good intentions they soon collapse under their own weight of trying to maintain the Status Que. That is one of our current problems of trying to maintain the 1960 in 2017.

Protest keeps the focus on a problem but often an administration will try to wait the protester out this works more times than not. What happened to the Wall Street protesters? – A major exception being the Vietnamese War.

Besides protest actions need to be taken on other fronts. If we call the system we follow today as Corporate Capitalism we need a system that unites workers and business where both can prosper. A system engineer has no loyalties to various disciplines like economics, political theory and etc. but only to having a dynamic working system.  A chapter in Middleclass Capitalism outlines the major responsibilities in a Middleclass Capitalistic system for the government, corporation/business and citizens and may be appropriate here since it outlines key issues that need to be addressed in a dynamic society. Many of these can be addressed by ordinary citizens and fit in with the current protest.

The responsibilities in a Middleclass Capitalistic system is not a manifesto but a list of practical things needed for a dynamic society today, they will change with time.

1 – The Government place in Middleclass Capitalistic System:

a – Provide a strong physical infrastructure water/sewer/electrical/highway/train.

b – Provide a strong independent energy sources.

c – Provide a strong educational system.

d – Lead by example on global problems. (exp. human rights, carbon emission and etc.)

e – Provide tax incentives to assure a corporations or business that operates in the nation pay a living wage for starting employees and a middle class wage for journey employees.

f – Control outsourcing and automation.

g – Get campaign finances under control.

h – Assure citizens have secure retirement including a stable social security system.

i – Provide for basic and applied research.

2 – A Corporation/business place in the Middleclass Capitalistic System:

a – Profit cannot be at the expensive of a nation’s natural resources or its citizens.

b – Pay a living wage as starting salaries.

c – Pay a middle-class wage to journey employees.

d – Work with a nation to preclude outsourcing and uncontrolled automation.

3 -A Citizen’s place in the Middleclass Capitalistic System:

a – Be a responsible citizen.

b – Be an educated citizen.

c – Don’t support the Status Quo

Simplistic as the responsibilities in the Middleclass Capitalistic system seem they provide guidelines to a dynamic capitalistic system for both corporations and workers.

Discussions of why the items above are considered key issues will be discussed in future post.


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