Posted by: Middleclass Search | August 31, 2015

Where is a Middle-class Candidate?

The Republicans have 16 announced presidential candidates while the Democrats have five most of the candidates in both parties proclaim that they want to improve America’s middle class. But all of these candidate’s approaches are stuck in the 1960s when America had a strong middle-class. Since the 60s the world’s population has doubled, markets are now global and almost all voting citizens have access to the Internet. Rather than patch a capitalistic system that was developed when most Americans would have argued that ”… what was good for General Motors was a good for America” we need a candidate(s) that recognize that if we are to have a strong middle-class the Americans capitalistic system needs to be geared to the middle-class not corporations.

What changes need to be made to our current system to provide us with a strong middle-class? Looking at the America’s economic/political system from a System Engineer’s point of view – a middle-class capitalistic system would need to address at a minimum the following:

1 – It would require that any corporation or business that operates in America pay a starting wage that equals a living wage. Any wage less than a living wage results and the taxpayers supporting the corporation’s employees (and the Corporation) via various subsidies.

2 – The laws and regulations would support businesses that employ American workers, pay a middle-class journey person wage. A middle-class wage should provide a middle-class standard of living including healthcare and a secure retirement plan.

3 – Updates to America’s infrastructure will keep us competitive in the global market and will be paid for via responsible taxation.

4 – A stabilize retirement system with a stable Social Security program.

5 – Borders secure from terrorists and violent offenders while integrating existing immigrants into America’s culture and society.

6 – A responsible taxation program that will eliminate the National Debt.

7 – A strong renewable energy policy.

8 – A change to campaign financing so that middle-class candidate could run for any office.

9 – An automation policy.

America’s role in the world is changing we cannot impress our will on other nations by intimidation we need to lead by example. This will require that we temper our gun slinging past and show that with the right incentive capitalism can benefit more people then it harms.

In the past two or three decade’s politicians and the media have portrayed the elections to be between conservatives and liberals but in reality it has been between two approaches to our capitalistic systems. The current system provides incentives to corporations at the expense of the middle-class. The incentives should be changed to reward corporations that provide a middle-class employment.

By now many traditionalists will be shouting that this is socialism or communism or some other ism but in reality it is “pure” capitalism not the corporate/cronyism form of capitalism that Americans have become to take as what we should expect.

America’s future is boundless it is only limited by politicians without vision pandering to individuals living in the past and fearing the future.

In the past when America has been in a crisis leaders have emerged with new approaches to solve the country’s problems. There must be a candidate with a positive comprehensive vision of the future for the American Middleclass.

Like the line from the old TV game show” will the real” candidate that supports a strong American middle-class “please stand up.”


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