Posted by: Middleclass Search | November 3, 2014

Rand Paul’s Request for Support

I recently received a letter from Senator Rand Paul requesting support for the National Right to Work Act which has been introduced to Congress to repeal labors power to force workers to pay union dues. The letter listed – in inflammatory prose – the evil of union. I concur with some of Doctors Paul’s concerns but if Dr. Paul had spent more time studying history he might have found that unions have been instrumental in workplace safety, child labor laws and over all workers’ salaries in the United States.

Not mentioned by Senator Paul is that in a free market system the only way wages are protected are by collective bargaining (unions) and the minimum wage both of which Senator Paul opposes. The attack on labor by Senator Paul is only one of several attacks on the National Labor Relations Act by Republican Senators. During the golden years of the middle-class union membership accounted for about 25% of the workers today it accounts for 10%. In this time frame wages have stagnated and the minimum wage has fallen behind inflation.

Any system works the best when it has self-correcting features built into its operation Senators Paul’s and the other Republican senators that support actions that strengthen businesses and weaken labor are not favoring true capitalism instead they want to strengthen the socialistic business model that they have created in the past four decades. The American Dream and the American Middle-class can exist and thrive in a true capitalistic system but has a problem in Senator Paul’s world.

An issue brought up in Senator Paul’s letter was that labors power was deadly to millions of small businesses since it forced businesses to address employees concerns and that might cause the business to fail. This argument is often used against collective bargaining, if a company is forced to change its business model it will become noncompetitive. History has shown that if a company is that close to failure the company’s business model is unsustainable and it will fail eventually. In fact this argument could have been used to continue slavery since doing away with slavery caused the “Plantation Model” to be radically changed.

Senator Paul’s tunnel vision which system engineers see all the time in system implementation is the sub optimization of an individual part of the system for the detriment of the total system. Senator Paul’s along with other senator’s attack on National Labor Relations Board is attack on the middle-class. Their argument that limiting unions would provide more jobs may be true but the jobs they would provide would be of the lower quality and lower pay. Senator Paul’s obsession with big government doesn’t recognize that there is little difference to the individual if he is forced to live in a factory town environment (caused by big corporations) or a gulags type environment caused by a big government. It is time to insist that our representatives represent what the majority of American citizens want which is to be able to pursue the chance of the American Dream and not the return of a society where we are ruled by an elitist group who believe in their divine right to govern as did the Kings of old.

A national election season is in progress once again both political parties are espousing their policies support the middle-class but if you look at our political and economic system from the viewpoint not as a politician or an economist but as a system engineer it is clear that both political parties’ policies are hurting the middle-class.


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