Posted by: Middleclass Search | November 19, 2013

Healthcare and the Middle-class.

In our definition of the middle-class wage we noted that the cost of healthcare is included. Healthcare is one of the elements that need to be include in all wages so that it’s costs can be placed in the price of the product or service produced. If we are to maintain our middle-class it is essential that we make the current Affordable Care Act work otherwise the American middle-class wage will continue to decrease.

Those that oppose health care for any reason cannot argue that they support the middle-class. Why many in the House of Representative’s opposed the Affordable Care Act is incomprehensible and why their constituents continue support them is perplexing since they are destroying their own and their children’s future life style.

From a system engineering point of view the implementation of the Affordable Care Act could have went better (I have had some “nail biting” systems implementation but thankfully none as bad as this one.) But instead of flatly of the opposing affordable healthcare and using the implementation problems as a reason to scuttle the program, Congress needs to find ways to fix and to improve the program (not weaken).

A different way to look at what should be included in the employee compensation is to consider the employee in the same light as an item of equipment needed to produce a product or service. The employee will need maintenance the same as a piece of equipment. The maintenance includes proper pay (power), healthcare (repair), updating (education), and proper disposal (retirement). All such costs are passed to the consumer in the product/service price for a piece of equipment.  Why should not the employee’s “total maintenance cost” also be included the price of the product/service?

In order to compete in the global economy the nation needs a good health care plan. Most of the nation’s we compete with provide healthcare either through private plans or through the government.

Healthcare is a necessary expense to have an American middle-class. Urge your congressional members to support it – our children and grandchildren deserve it.



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