Posted by: Middleclass Search | October 22, 2013

The Tea Party and the American Dream

With the Tea Party being in the news every day it seemed appropriate to look at the Party’s Platform and determine if the Party supports the American Middleclass. Initially this seemed an easy task since the platform only contains 10 items some of which ‘abide by the Constitution’ and ‘promote civic responsibility’ seem quite obvious. During the same time frame congressional members who claim to represent the Tea Party were taking action that contradicted their platform. After three weeks of reviewing statements and actions of Tea Party members we are no closer to understanding the objectives of the Party. Members are definitely frustrated with the federal government. They want a government that is respected in the world but at the same time don’t want to fund programs needed to win that respect. They want civic responsibilities but don’t believe in helping those affected by natural disasters or be responsible for national debt that was acquired in the past.

The Party appears to be conglomerate of frustrated conservatives without a plan other than to clamor against the majority. From a system engineering logical approach the Tea Party actions “does not compute.” Could there be some hidden agenda against mainstream Americans? The Tea Party needs to be more transparent to the American citizens.  From what we can tell the Tea Party does not support a strong American Middleclass. More later.


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