Posted by: Middleclass Search | July 9, 2013

The Best and Brightest Need Not Apply to the Republican Party

As a system engineer I admit that I have a bias towards critical, objective thinking. The recent efforts by the Republican/Tea Parties organizations to sideline an effort to establish Common Core State Standards for education is both perplexing and counterproductive for maintaining America’s lead in a growing competitive world.

The Standards were designed to assure consistency across the nation so that students are “college and career ready” when they graduate from high school. They were developed by a non-partisan group and the draft was accepted in 45 states. Now conservatives have voiced concern that the standards project a liberal agenda. This objection has at least 10 states questioning the standards.

I recently reviewed several areas of the Standards and had trouble finding the liberal bias, what I did find was expectations in some areas that would have challenged students of my era – but that is okay.

The American middle-class dream is tied to the upper mobility that education provides to our children. I strongly recommend that you review the standards so that you can lobby your state representatives to support them. An educated workforce is being developed by other nations there is no future in ignorance.


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