Posted by: Middleclass Search | July 1, 2013

Encourage STEM Professionals While Generating Jobs

In the 60’s and the 70’s the “Cold War” focuses our attentions on the defense/NASA and brought the great minds of the period to solve many problems which led to transistors then integrate circuits which led to GPS, cell technology and etc. creating many industries.

Then it became the “Time of the Derivative” and all our great minds moved into the financial area where money could be made but few jobs were created.

We need to redirect this generation of great minds back to areas that creates jobs. We should encourage more people to enter science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions by supporting policies that would declare that STEM salaries tax exempt. Once an individual moved out of actual day-to-day STEM work to management the exemption would phase out. The tax loss while the person did actual STEM work would be more then replaced by increased employment generated by industries created.

To even suggest an emphasis on other sectors than financial is heresy to some but it could be argued that areas of the financial sector do not fall under capitalism since they neither produce a product or service.


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