Posted by: Middleclass Search | June 24, 2013

NSA Leak

In the interest of total disclosure as a system engineer the type of metadata search used to determine possible terrorist’s actions is done every day in designing and using a management system. In an existing system such searches tell where there are possible chokepoints in designing a new system they are used to determine what functions the system should have.  Marketing organizations do metadata search all the time on individuals Internet searches to place ads on your computer.

Could an authoritative government use this methodology against their citizens? The answer is absolutely. From a system engineering point of view the approach NSA is using to determine possible avenues for more detailed research makes absolute sense.

Web companies like Google can do similar analysis on user’s web searches. NSA has more controls in place than Web company’s right or wrong this is the new “connected” world let us hope that the knee-jerk reactions by some of those in Congress and the Press will not limit NSA’s metadata analysis


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