Posted by: Middleclass Search | June 17, 2013

Annual Stockholders Meetings

It’s the time of the year for stockholders meeting and one item on all agendas is approval of Executive Compensation. An item not found on any current agenda is anything related to employee compensation. If you were to look at agendas from 40 to 50 years ago employee compensation might have been addressed in some form. Before globalization it was important for a company to pay a middle-class wage to its employees since the middle-class was responsible for creating the demand that drove the expansion of the company. But now corporations have the planet as a market there is no reason to be concerned about any one nation’s demand.

If we are to remain a country of the “American Dream” we must address employee compensation with the same zeal that we address executive compensation.  In the long run employee compensation is more important (creating demand) then maintaining most corporate executives.

If you participate in any corporations stockholders meeting you should consider drafting a resolution for next year’s annual meeting that would require the Corporation to pay a middle-class wage to all of its employees.


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