Posted by: Middleclass Search | February 19, 2013

Take Action – Business education

We now live in a world where businesses both small and large touch all of our futures. Some argue that we have gone too far and our businesses practices have become similar to those depicted by Star Treks profit centered Ferengi, while others argue that we have not gone far enough. The answer lies somewhere in between. It is important that all citizens receive a basic level of business training if they are to participate in a capitalist system so as not to be taken advantage of by the system. Business training should start at first grade and continue through high school. A sound business training will not only help the individual understand how he /she can have a satisfying life but at the same time strengthen the American middle-class dream.

Citizen groups can work with college universities to develop a comprehensive business orientation and training program for all ages and make it available on the Internet. Individual parents can use it to teach their children and schools should be encouraged to add it to their curriculum.


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