Posted by: Middleclass Search | February 12, 2013

Take Action – Citizen’s requirements of the government and the cost of the requirements

With so many years of letting our elected officials tell us what we want from government it is time for the citizens to tell the elected officials what they want and what they are willing to pay for.  To do this, citizens need visibility of what it costs to run the government and this should start at the local level. Many towns especially in New England already have this visibility but many more towns in the nation do not provide their citizens detailed visibility of their spending. A step in reclaiming our nation for the middle-class is for each town/city/municipality to provide all their citizens with their yearly expenditures. With detailed expenditure by each jurisdiction, town expenditures can then be compared to other towns with an eye to finding best practices. In this way the people, not the politicians, can determine their needs. Also, underfunded items (like pensions funds, delayed maintenance of roads and buildings etc.) that will cause the town problems in the future can be identified. Such an analysis can be done at the state level comparing what each state provides to the citizens. This process will identify how much government is desired not how much a few people want to force on their citizens. It would only take a small group (5 to 10 people) in each town to analyze the data and compare it with other towns in the area.


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