Posted by: Middleclass Search | January 22, 2013

Gun Policy and the Middle-class

While gun policy has little to do with the change to economic policy to support the Middle-class it is a good example of problems the nation faces in a dynamic marketplace. From a system engineers point of view organizations like the NRA whose objective is to maintain status quo can be very harmful because they do not allow the normal progression of a field or area. There are many different approaches that may make the nation safer without infringing on the second amendment but the NRA’s fear that any change will cause a domino effect is causing stagnation in the field. If the nation had taken the same approach to auto safety the current death toll would be astronomical.

If this were a system project there would be many areas that might make a difference; DARPA could work on bio controls of certain weapons; taxes for purchase of guns could be state impose (money used for better policing and mental health issues). Certain ammunition and large magazine could be restricted for a public safety issue the same as yelling fire in a building when there is no fire.

History shows that blocking any change is an example of an aging, declining organization.



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