Posted by: Middleclass Search | January 9, 2013

Right to Work

Michigan’s enactment of the ‘right to work law’ will have an impact on the middle-class. In the current free-market economics workers have two tools in a non-fully employed market for wage negotiations. They are minimum wage and unions.

It could be argued that all unions at one time or another have taken their ‘powers’ to excess. But others would argue that America’s middle-class owes much to the unions. In a time of global competition it may make sense to some to change the playing field so that lower paying jobs could be brought back to American. The problem with this thinking is it lays the groundwork for further erosion of the middle-class. What is needed is new economic theory and political thinking that will create middle-class jobs.

The current short range approach of state politicians is positioning America to become a second-rate nation.


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