Posted by: Middleclass Search | November 7, 2012

Call for Middle-class Action

No matter which party wins the election the middle-class needs to become more vocal and focused in dealing with the new Congress. For years the checks and balances that made the America’s middle-class have been chipped away at. The focusing on the financial sector at the cost of both the manufacturing and service sectors have brought about the decline in the middle-class. This refocusing was the result of hundreds of small changes at state and federal levels over more than 40 years. Most made by special interest in an effort to make the system more favorable to their cause.

Correcting the system will require hundreds of similar small changes. Problem is that the special interest group in this case is the middle-class that has no organized agenda. The middle-class is overworked trying to “break even” and raise a family but if they want their family to prosper they will have to devote sometime to bring back the checks and balances that made our middle-class. They can seek help in America’s youth who have the most to lose if our middle-class disappears. High school and college students have the skills to petition Congress for change. In addition there are many senior citizens with skills that can be used for system change.

Don’t wait for the next election decide what one thing you believe needs to be fixed at local, state or federal government to strengthen the middle-class. Then begin as an individual or enlist friends to correct the issue.

Over the next several months we will provide suggested areas of opportunities.



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