Posted by: Middleclass Search | October 24, 2012

Presidential Debates – Did the Middle-class Win?

The subject of the middle-class came up in the presidential debates both candidates appeared to be for the middle-class but neither laid out any specific plans to strengthen the middle class. By default President Obama’s support of mandatory healthcare qualifies for a big step in supporting the middle-class wage. Only if healthcare is included in the cost of a product or service can middle-class wages keep step with rising costs.

A comment on health care cost:  From the observation of an engineer who has observed the movement of many products from research and development to the marketplace. While I am not an expert in healthcare the field appears to be at a similar cusp in research and development where breakthroughs will change the dynamics of many treatments. The only caveat is that the health care movement from R&D to practice is much slower than in other industries.

The healthcare issue along with the Republican Party’s trickle-down economics philosophy I believe gives the Democratic Party the edge on being the best Party to revitalize America’s middle-class.


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