Posted by: Middleclass Search | September 11, 2012

Issues with Today’s Economy

The apparent intention, as America moved into the global economy, was that we would offload routine jobs while keeping the creative, high-paying jobs here at home. The fallacy in such thinking was that people in other nations were just as smart as we were and quite able to do the “high-end” jobs as well as the routine ones. This transfer of “high-end” jobs was accelerated with the introduction of the Internet. The result is that many middle-class jobs have moved offshore.

If we waited 50 to 100 years until all nations in the world became industrialized and educated, the overall middle-class standard of living throughout the world might eventually approach a level equal to what America was in the 1970s (the highest point of the America middle-class). To preclude waiting this long and suffering still further shrinkage in the American middle-class, we need to consider what jobs can only be performed in America and restructure these into middle-class jobs; and also look at what is needed to create new middle-class jobs.


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